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78th Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition Accepted Artists
January 28 through February 29, 2024
After a two-year hiatus, Slater Museum is thrilled to announce the return of the Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition, now entering its 78th year! This state-wide juried show is open to all resident artists of Connecticut. For 78 years, this show has featured the best of Connecticut's artists in all forms of media, styles, and expressions both 2-D and 3-D.
Our 2024 Juror this year is Dr. Tanya Pohrt, Curator of the Lyman Allyn Art Museum.

78th Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition Accepted Artists

Ralph Acosta Burial Site
Neal Alderman Motorcycle
Neal Alderman Motorcycle Man
James Anderson Charles W. Morgan - Detail
 Valerie Andrews ( Garthwait) Spring Meadow, Running Full
Joyce Armentano Grapes
Lindsay Aromin Picasso
Helen Avalos Sea Salt
Del-Bourree Bach A Good Day's Work
Charles F Barbour Hibiscus & Orange
Charles F Barbour Orange & Bonsai
Hannah Barry Kudu
Sarah Baskin Crewing on the Black Watch
Serena Bates Miss Independence
Serena Bates Emancipation
Kraig Binkowski Early morning walk in the snow
Sarah Bishop Festival Dancer Number 2
Edward  Bishop  Big Stinky Fly Catcher
Edward  Bishop  Dead Horse Mystic Seaport 
Cheryl Blanchard Surfbeat
Philip Brose Openness to Static/Clear for Flight
Diane Brown Calling It a Night
Mariette Brown Becoming 
William Butcher The Seed Sower
Jill Abele Butcher Reverberations
William Butcher 3rd  The Great Awakening 
Diane Cadrain Mushroom Barn at Auer Farm
Dominick  Caiati Jr. Line in the Pamet
Dominick  Caiati Jr. Hide in the Grass
Nick Canova Brooding Blue
Joanna Case Pine Needles
Carol Chaput Hunger
Greg Cochenet Reliquary for Five
Greg Cochenet Reliquary
Sharon Coffin Salt Marsh and Field #2
Rosemary Cotnoir Palm Shadows
Liane Crawford Elephant Walk Tray
Damien Cregeau Sunset and Moonrise over the White Mountains
Heather Dailey-Mezzacappa Hollow Shell
Robert Davidson Lieutenant River, Old Lyme
Robert Davidson Eastern Long Island Sound
Rita Dawley The Neighborhood
Tamara Dimitri Aquatic Systems #2
Tamara Dimitri Intersecting Horizons: Chino Valley
Brian Dimmock Bronze Vessel 
Patricia Donahue Indian Leap
Ashley Donovan Dupe Me
Nicole Doyle Serendipitous Frog
Eli  Dyer Pareidolia
Tim Egan “Selfie”
William Evertson Consumed by the Never Was
Veronique Fournier-Wynne On Time for Tea
Debra Gag Springtime in Stonington
Alyson Gaylord-Loy The Musicians
Danielle  Giroux Fragile Haven
Nancy Gladwell Returning to the Soil
Pamela Gracey Reflections at Nightfall
Natalie Grayson Sorrow Found Me 
Natalie Grayson Undecorated Home 
Deborah Greco Misty Swamp
Eddie Hall Arrangement
Matt Heft USCGC Eagle commemorative plaque
Jennifer Holmes Treasure Hunters
Jennifer Holmes By The Falls
Diane Holtzworth Misty Morning
Will Holub Archipelago
Andrew Hotis Greyhound Coiled
Sunil  Howlader Moon on Earth
Joey Sage Jablonski Eubalaena
Joey Sage Jablonski Gaia
James Jacobus L'il Buddy
Maggie Kendis Good Morning (Folk Art Retablo)
Mary Killilea A Day at the Fair
Suzanne Kirschner Red Maple Leaf
Suzanne Kirschner Sunset Flats
Caryn Kreitzer Bird Pitcher
Caryn Kreitzer 5 cupped carved Floral Vase
Isabel Lane Contemplation 
Janet Leombruni Vasillisa Fiat Luxe
Peini Lin The Look on Grandpa's Face
Peini  Lin Studio's Night
Gigi Horr  Liverant East Sixty Fourth
Samantha Long Fallen
Richard Longo Cherry Burl Platter
Richard Longo Cherry Burl Bowl
John Macomber Green Success
Matthew Makela Urban Spirit 2
Layne Marholin Cargo
Donna Martell Road Beyond the Pond
Charles McCaughtry Headwater Snow
Casey Moran Anna: "She came to me in the rain."
Randall Nelson Amore Mia
Randall Nelson Ricky and the Woodpecker
Peter Nuhn
History II: Impeachments, Insurrection,
Wars and a Virus or History Rhymes
Nancy Oates White House
Lester Olin Tulip Poplar Bowl/Plate Set
Anne Opperman Untitled
Paul Ott
Where Beauty Meets with Our Garden -
Sonata Number Two
Mark Patnode Evening Glow
Yujuan Patnode Winter
Ian Pawluk The Artist's Patient Wife
Jane Penfield Blue and Gold
Lisa Penny Regatta
Judy Perry Resilience
Jennifer  Pescatello  Unresolved Immigration Rally 
Jacqueline Phillips Falls at Indian Leap
Jon Quinn I Once Danced
Jon Quinn Sasha
Bernard Re, Jr. Four figures
Bernard Re, Jr. Life under the grape arbor
Sara Reid The Balance of our Natural Habitats
Edith Reynolds On the Walk
Scott Rhoades Colonial Mansfield City
Scott Rhoades Garden on the Bridge
R. Douglass Rice "Hanging sides of Beef #2"
Barbara Scavotto-Earley Exodus
Blanche Serban
Dr. Blair Johnson and
James McNeill Whistler
Lynita Shimizu Falling Water
Lori Smolin Pileated Pose
John C. Starinovich Wood Willies
John C. Starinovich Yumm
Markham Starr Barns at the Top of the Hill
Georgia Stathoulas Coco Lemons
John Stevenson Dad's Home
Mona Stratos Cranberry Harvest
Mona Stratos Winters Approach
Ivy Strauss Racoobearasaurus 
Shawn Sullivan Dingies at Low Tide
SK Sullivan somnus+mors, green
SK Sullivan somnus+mors, purple
Len Swec Walking the Fence Line
Mark Szantyr By Water
James Szarkowicz Calla Lillies Dancing In The Moonlight
Don Taylor Slow Decline
Harriet  Taylor-Thorpe Blossom on a Branch
Harriet  Taylor-Thorpe Nuthatch 
Lisa Tellier Drifting on a Sea of Grass
Paul Thompson Sassafrass Bowl
Mary Toni Gothic House
Samson  Tonton The Mask
Bryan R. Tyler Cross
Gretchen van der Lyke But for that, we would not have Risen
Carmela Venti Futures/Punta Gorda Portrait
Ruthie Viele After The End, There Was A Beginning
Carly Wanner-Hyde 'view of fish from the ocean floor'
Carol Watson By Chance II
Julie Whitcher-Ott Matte
Mark Woodcox Casting Light
Lisa York Charcuterie Board
Lisa York Wooden Vase
Carol Zamcheck Alligator
Vivian Zoe Heron's View Hammonassett