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Tethered Relationships - Works by Kaleela Greenlee ’19

fabric sculptures by artist Kaleela Greenlee '19
January 8 - April 6
Coming to Slater Museum in 2024 is a new show by artist Kaleela Greenlee, NFA Class of 2019! In her solo exhibition Tethered Relationships, Greenlee brings a series of her fabric sculptures that each represent feelings and emotions. In her own words:
“Tethered Relationships is my physical manifestation of the varied relationships I have or am currently experiencing. These relationships involve love, care, rejection, and loneliness. This work uses nylon fabric stuffed with a variety of materials such as cotton, beadings, foam, thread, and newspaper. The choice of materials was important, as the nylon adds a level of transparency, which could reveal something beautiful or ‘gruesome’ underneath, and the use of thread operated as a way to replicate human veins. Although these heads and figures are abstract, they still work as something to be reminiscent of humans.”