September 6, 2022 Update

It's September, and NFA is in full-swing back-to-school mode! At Slater Museum, we're excited to say that the roof restoration is proceeding on time and we're poised to finish the roof work by November 2022. Based on this timeline, we will spend a little more time after November cleaning the museum's interior and reinstalling exhibition spaces before launching our grand reopening planned for early 2023. This is not only a literal refresh of the museum but also a symbolic one. 

Weather Vane Installation

In November 2021, a special committee was convened to examine the museum's mission statement which had not been updated in about 20 years. Best practices encourage all non-profits to conduct regular examinations of the mission and vision statements every 5 years or so, and this proved to be the optimal time to conduct this special project. The result was the creation of a new mission statement and a larger vision statement for the museum.

Slater Museum has become many things to many people - what began initially with the collection of plaster casts has grown to a global collection of artwork that inspires and enriches the lives of students and visitors from all over. When examining the mission statement, it was important that the museum be clear in what we do and how we do it, and our new vision statement reflects exactly what our goals are for the future. That said, we are pleased to share Slater Memorial Museum's new mission statement:

Slater Memorial Museum serves Norwich Free Academy and its community by fostering inquiry and exploration, celebrating the richness and diversity of the human experience by collecting, preserving, and interpreting a regional and global collection of art and material culture.

As the vehicle for driving our success, this mission will guide the museum forward to achieving our new vision:

As a vital part of the NFA experience, the museum seeks to:

  • Cultivate lifelong engagement with art and culture for students, visitors, and alumni
  • Create an inclusive learning environment
  • Respect our foundations and traditions
  • Promote innovation, curiosity, and creative thinking
  • Honor the impact of philanthropy in our community

Our new mission and vision statements are critical to developing the full potential of the museum. Whether it's improving operational standards, collecting goals, or strategic planning, the museum stands by our new mission and vision statements to create a world-class museum environment for NFA and our community.