A figure is show from behind, walking on a trail that winds through grass. The trail is flanked by lions and sheep.

The artistic legacy of Ellis Walter Ruley is still felt today in Norwich and beyond.  Come and see exclusive works of art created by members of the public and students at Norwich Free Academy that pay homage to Ruley and his distinctive style

watercolor of old Norwichtown. Text has been added at the bottom to say Bohemian Norwichtown.

Are you ready for Walktober 2019? Come take a walk with Slater Museum's Director of Education, Dayne Rugh, and learn all about the art and history of Norwich, Norwich Free Academy, and Slater Memorial Museum!

Photograph of the main cast gallery with Winged Victory. Text added to say Slater behind the scenes.

For over 130 years, Slater Memorial Museum has exhibited art from all over the world, each piece telling a story about how human beings communicate their culture through artwork. These exclusive tours will allow visitors to see the hidden history of Slater Memorial Museum as well as what goes on behind the scenes.