2021 ECC Art Show

The Eastern Connecticut Conference (ECC) Art Show began in 2018 as part of a student leadership program initiative. ECC Commissioner Gary Makowicki brought together student leaders from all of the ECC high schools and adult advisors to discuss ways that the conference could support students beyond athletics. Students planned projects that included musical coffee houses, veterans appreciation projects, video gaming programs, a kindness video competition and highlighting the arts within each school.

The art show has been held in conjunction with the Slater Museum Converse Art Gallery allowing students' work to be viewed in a museum setting, a first for many. Despite not being able to have a physical show this year, we are grateful for the virtual show which highlight the wonderful works of art that our ECC schools' students have created during this challenging year. 

Anna Lonkin, Putnam High School Grade 12
Acrylic Landscape

Chloe Costley, Griswold High School Grade 12

Digital Painting

Samuel Martin, Griswold High School Grade 9


Kyra Tuckwood, Waterford High School Grade 10
Acrylic Paint
This was created for 2D Studio Art Level II where the focus area was on landscapes created with acrylic paint.
Kaylee Slosek, Plainfield High School, Grade 10
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
This is a painting of a bird composed out of various fruits and vegetables. Each vegetable was carefully selected based on how it's form would best depict the form of the bird.
Frank Hirst, Plainfield High School, Grade 11
This is a portrait of a rooster. The main inspiration for this artwork was to recreate the texture of the rooster's feathers and wattle underneath its beak by using repetitive, linear markings.
Ella Schoppe, Putnam High School, Grade 10
I was inspired by other artists' painting styles, as this I was something I had not yet tried. I wanted to create something that was vibrant and full of life.

Cassie Aimetti, Plainfield High School, Grade 12

Charcoal/Colored Pencils

This is part of my AP portfolio, and my concentration is the connection between humanity and nature. For this project my idea was to merge the head/body of an animal onto a person, and decided that a snake would fit proportionally and be the most eye catching!

Wing Tung Vong, Norwich Free Academy, Grade 12

Oil Paint

Through this piece, I attempt to convey the feeling of being "controlled" and silencing myself. The lock and red string serve as symbols.

Nathan Porter, Norwich Free Academy, Grade 11


The fractured light of shadows and the lines that are created by that.

Trizia May Lao-Ang, St. Bernard High School, Grade 12


This piece centers on the negative emotions that fester inside an individual, depicting "eating you up inside" in a literal sense. By distorting human features it adds to the unkept nature along with heavy use of red to emit a kind of disturbance.

Arihjey Villon-Nahue, St. Bernard High School, Grade 12

Acrylic on Canvas

This piece is supposed to be a reflection on my identity, one of the things I had trouble with as I was growing up was accepting my skin color, and Peruvian heritage. The skirt I'm wearing is a traditional Peruvian garment that my grandmother had gifted me. While the skirt may be worn, I have chosen to to wear and accept who I am.

Michelle Adan-Cabanas, Norwich Free Academy, Grade 12


This neckpiece consists of hand fabricated and formed pieces using soldering, hammer texture and fold forming techniques. Repetition, form and texture are the key elements of the design.

Yufei Jin, St. Bernard High School  Grade 11


I got inspired from the virus we are suffering from, how people with a mask are on a train, and there is one doctor that is ready to enter the "War" of Virus. The background color is dark, but the only light color is the glove on the person's hand, which is important in this special period.

Jay Ammeen, Norwich Free Academy, Grade 11

Digital Art - ProCreate

The assignment was "What Would Keith Haring Do?" and the students had to find a current events issue and illustrate it in the style of Keith Haring.

*2021 Winner - Best Digital Drawing or Painting

Jack Brehler, Montville High School, Grade 9

Tempera on paper

It is a simple landscape painting with a touch of imagination added.

Tessa Finnegan, Ledyard High School, Grade 12

Multimedia on paper

This was an "explosion book" which is a type of origami handmade book. It was created for the Print and Bookmaking class. It shows the artist's friends, family and memories in addition to hand-drawn and painted details.

Sam Jensen, Ledyard High School Grade 12

Watercolor on paper

This was an independently created painting. This artist has been practicing painting skills in a variety of media and has focused on landscapes among other subject matter as of late.

Codee Caroll, Ledyard High School, Grade 12

Watercolor, pencil

This painting was inspired by the Elton John song "Rocket Man." It was completed for the Art 2 class.

Nicole Walker, Ledyard High School, Grade 11

Tempera on paper

This painting was created for the Art 1 class in a unit about color and value mixing.

Caitlyn Willinghan, Ledyard High School, Grade 11

Acrylic on canvas

This painting was created for the Art 2 class for a unit on identity and social justice.

Isabelle Hutchins, Ledyard High School, Grade 11

Acrylic on canvas

This painting was created independently. The artist was focusing on experimenting with color and flattening planes to depict their subject.

Ella Turner, Stonington High School  Grade 12

Acrylic on canvas

This painting depicts feelings of routine and "everyday being the same" as you get ready for your day. I was inspired by how much better I felt during quarantine getting dressed and sticking to a routine, and how that got me through some uncertainty.

Megan Hart, Plainfield High School, Grade 12

Acrylic paint on wood

This is an inward interpretation of how drugs affect lives. This painting was meant to create the illusion of three-dimensional form through use of shadows.

Maylina Horner, Montville High School  Grade 10

Graphite on paper

The drawing was a classroom assignment to draw two leaves under a strong light.

Ava Gero, Montville High School, Grade 9

Acrylic on paper

The painting pictures a city reflected in a river and backed by the northern lights.

Breanna Lawton, Wheeler High School  Grade 12

Digital Drawing

A daredevil tries to light a cigarette near a gas station -- despite the dangers around him.

Emily Hirtz, Three Rivers Middle College, Grade 12

Acrylic Paint

It was inspired by “Wow Art” on YouTube. My friend Angela sent me one of their videos and wanted me to try and paint it for her, so this is what I painted. Their painting is titled “Daily Challenge #65/ Acrylic / Cherry Blossom / Floating Island Painting 2”.

*2021 Winner - Best Painting

Emily Hart, St. Bernard High School, Grade 12

Oil Paint

The work is inspired by the process of age and the insecurities that come with it. The woman is practicing kintsukuroi on herself as she tries to fix herself with gold.

Aaliya Masters, St. Bernard High School, Grade 12

Acrylic, watercolor    

Many of my loved ones adore fish and other parts of nature, so I tend to see a lot of it in my life. Recently, over quarantine, my younger sister was feeling very down and lonely so we decided to buy her a pet- a lovely red betta. I wanted to showcase its beauty as art, and chose to do so on a wooden slab because it gives an interesting foundation for the piece.

Laura Robert, Wheeler High School, Grade 12

Watercolor on Paper  

This illustration depicts a snapshot of some friends hanging out on a rooftop in NYC during a pride parade.

Kendra Lessing, Wheeler High School, Grade 10

Digital Painting

This painting depicts a powerful female figure decorated in light, alluding to possible magical abilities.

Aanders Reif, Griswold High School, Grade 11     


This was a photograph taken on my way to New Hampshire.

Lauren Brule, Woodstock Academy, Grade 10


It is a work done in all ink, hence why I decided to do an octopus, and it shows the details of the different parts of the creature through the use of the ink. The work also has some interesting parts to it since there is a box on the inside of it that has a dark background and a light octopus, while outside is a light background and a dark octopus.

Jenny Boriboun, Putnam High School, Grade 10

Acrylic paint   

The inspiration behind my piece was myself. The piece represents the current state of the many things I feel like I am constantly juggling in my life.

Maddie Parent, Waterford High School, Grade 9     

Digital - Procreate       

This is a digital re-creation of a famous still life painted by Claude Monet. The artist used Procreate on her iPad rather than Adobe Photoshop.

Meixi Zhu, Norwich Free Academy, Grade 12       


The inspiration for this piece is that I often pay attention to the imperfections on my face when looking in the mirror. However, I didn't put in specific imperfections in this drawing because most of the imperfections I pay attention to are significant. This is to show that people are often insecure about themselves over insignificant imperfections.

Wing Tung Vong, Norwich Free Academy, Grade 12


Through this piece, I try to convey the feeling of calmness and peace. Inspired by figure drawings with strong light and shadow.

*2021 Winner - Best Drawing

Leah Balser, Bacon Academy, Grade 11

Prismacolor pencils/mixed media       

Skelephone came to be because I thought that a black and white skeleton drawing would be too plain and not catch the attention of its viewers, so I added the red shoe that the skeleton uses as a phone for a POP! I combined the words "skeleton" and "telephone" to come up with the title of Skelephone. I weaved shoelaces into the frame of the artwork to connect the art piece all together, showing unity and a sense of wholeness in a unique way.

*2021 Winner - Best Mixed Media

C J Adase, Woodstock Academy, Grade 10              


Carah Bruce, Woodstock Academy, Grade 10                      


The message behind it is that we all have negative thoughts and trying to fight and not give into them is like a tug of war with some monster that could just easily take over, which I kind of represented with the giant hand. All of this can just go on inside your head while the world will never know.

Christian Dio, Montville High School, Grade 11


Lidded Box with Red and Blue Glaze

Sydney Kolz, Montville High School, Grade 11                    


Terracotta Tea Bowls

Elizabeth Bowman, Montville High School, Grade 12                    


Handled Mug with Crystal Glaze

*2021 Winner - Best 3D piece

Summer Sit, Waterford High School, Grade 12                  


Although it may look like any other old stuffed animal, the subject of my drawing holds a dear place in my heart. My stuffed hippo's matted plush and hand-mended stitches stand as evidence of nearly two decades of love. He reminds me of childhood--carefree, happy, safe--especially as I grow into this ever changing and confusing world.

Isabella Haque, Waterford High School, Grade 9

Paper Mache/Mixed Media     

Bloom in the wind was a project to use recycled items to create a sculpture. I sculpted the body out of plastic bottles and newspaper, as well as a counterweight at the base out of found objects and newspaper with dried reeds for the legs. After creating an armature to support the piece and coating it with paper mache, I utilized wire and construction paper to evoke the feeling of movement in the piece. I used fine brush strokes to create detail and focus on the body and created flowers and eggs to symbolize the bloom of life after repurposing these items.

Lanyce Fine-Clark, Three Rivers Middle College, Grade 11                      


When you look at life with a trippy mind. You see more colors and see the world as a whole new place.

John Peabody, Woodstock Academy, Grade 12                         

Pencil on Paper          

I was inspired by space and the imagination of what another dimension could potentially look like. The Other Dimension is a vast and complex parallel universe, which appears dark and mysterious.

Tanzie Mancini, Stonington High School, Grade 11     

Mechanical pencil and Pigma Micron 01 black ink pen           

In this piece, which represents solitude, an individual stands alone with waves radiating beyond her head. Do they represent the walls that she puts up to protect herself, or the vibrant energy that she emits? Possibly it represents both: she's quite the paradox.

Isaak Colechia, Wheeler High School, Grade 12                     


Ceramic rendition of an old-school Ford truck, I focused on the details of the piece to emphasize its generation.

Ava McSwain, Wheeler High School, Grade 12         

Altered Book, Mixed Media     

I choose to illustrate an Edgar Allan Poe Poetry book with mixed media to enhance the stories in the poems.

Hunter Lacerte, Wheeler High School, Grade 11                     

Stoneware Cone 6     

Pinch pot made quickly and thick with the intention of carving. After completing it reminded me of a coral reef, thus why I chose the glaze combination that I did.

Olivia Zumpano, Bacon Academy, Grade 12

Colored pencil

This piece of artwork is of my dog Lunchbox. Going through with this process was heartwarming to me because he sadly passed away back in April of last year. I want him to know he will always be loved and remembered.

Jade Hostetler, Bacon Academy, Grade 11   

Markers and watercolor on matboard

I am an avid tea drinker and have a small selection of tea cups I choose from everyday. I thought that it would be interesting to pair two opposite things (a elegant tea cup and a skeleton hand) in one piece and tie them together with the use of complementary colors.

Riley Dupont, Woodstock Academy, Grade 9                      

Digital Drawing           

I named this landscape Euphoria because drawing gives me a lot of happiness.  I love experimenting with new techniques, and I love landscapes, so I decided on a mountain scenery.  I hope this drawing brings happiness to you too. 

Ethan Lopes, Stonington High School, Grade 12


This piece captures the personality of my matured yucca plant. There is a smaller cutting of this plant that is rooting in the soil of the pot. There is a juxtaposition of size between the giant yucca and the smaller yucca cutting, just starting to root in its shadow.

Isabella Sorrentino, Woodstock Academy, Grade 10                    

Pencil on paper          

In this drawing, there is a melted candle, an apple, a bunch of bananas, and a deck of cards with the queen of spades on the top. I was in my kitchen when I thought of starting this project, so I grabbed some of the items near me, and arranged them so you could see shadows and some of the more intricate details.

Nicholas Paggioli, Bacon Academy, Grade 12       

Acrylic paint   

COVID-19 has created the most memorable and one of the worst experiences of my life. At the time of painting this self portrait just over 100,000 Americans had died, worldwide only about 400,000 people had died; nine months later and over 520,000 Americans and 2,570,000 people worldwide are dead. I tried to capture my image during this time because of the significance the last year will have on myself, and all of our futures.

Elizabeth LaFlamme, Killingly High School, Grade 11                


After looking at the work of Ernst Haeckel and Maria Syblla Merian, and their use of texture, pattern and value I transformed a circle into a textured sphere using graphite pencil.

Audrey Fuller, Stonington High School, Grade 12

iPad and Apple Pencil (Procreate), pencil and paper (background)  

This robot rabbit, or rabbot piece is a study of both the biological and mechanical. As such, it was composed using both digital and traditional drawing techniques. Though technology might keep hopping forward, nature’s original blueprint for mobile creatures such as the rabbit will always be essential.

Paige Ferreira, Waterford High School, Grade 12                    


This bird's eye has a variety of unique textures and depth, making it a challenging but fun drawing. Using graphite, the piece was created with smooth lines and blending.

Ashley Clark, Bacon Academy, Grade 12                      


After my friend convinced me to model while she tested her new camera, we began messing around with different poses. I chose this straight face, kind of dumbfounded look to express myself deep in consideration of my current, crazed life; growing up gives a girl a lot to ponder. Although the full photo captured my entire body, I ultimately chose to illustrate, in graphite, only my face and hands, further emphasizing my facial expression and the source of my never-ending thoughts, without any distraction of color or excess form.

Jadyn Tretheway, Tourtellotte Memorial High School, Grade 11 

Sculpey Clay  

I wanted to recreate a piece I had made when I was younger to see how much I had improved, so I made this flaming horse named Juan.

Isabel Tang, Killingly High School, Grade 12                       


Isabel used layers of gouache to create a magical illusion of dusk and distance in a landscape that features the sky.

Chase Fontaine, Tourtellotte Memorial High School, Grade 12             


This piece is based off of the Ceryneian hind that exists within greek mythology.

Ariel Kopas, Tourtellotte Memorial High School, Grade 11             

Pencil and watercolor

A collage of the different variations of people and poses of beauty

Emma Parmentier, Tourtellotte Memorial High School, Grade 12             


I made this piece to explain a story that happened to a gay man in Puerto Rico. He got shot eight times while riding his motorcycle from a homophobic person.

Ariel Kopas, Tourtellotte Memorial High School, Grade 11

Prismacolor pencils, watercolor        

This is the tare between sinister and joy in people.

Samantha Swenson, Killingly High School, Grade 12


This is a typographic poster design using vectornator from home on the ipad. The quote is from the Pink Floyd song Shine on You Crazy Diamond.

Aymen Mirghani, East Lyme High School, Grade 12     

Acrylic paint and embroidery yarn     

Kobe Bryant was my role model, and I wanted to create this artwork in honor of him.

Tessa Page, East Lyme High School, Grade 10     


I did a Gouache illustration for a prompt of "experiments in the lab" where we got to cross animals (fictional or real) with the fruit or vegetable of our choice. I decided to create a representation of the dragon fruit with vibrant gouache colors that I felt represented the dragon and the fruit best.

Emma Parmentier, Tourtellotte Memorial High School, Grade 12       


This is a landscape drawing of mountains with trees and a river

Kathryn Strangman, Killingly High School, Grade 11          

Watercolor Pencil       

This is a narrative artwork piece hand drawn depicting a story of friendship and love.

Tessa Page, East Lyme High School, Grade 10                        

Alcohol Markers and Pen       

For this project we were given the prompt of using one point perspective in creating our first initial. We had to illustrate the initial in a way that we felt represented us. I decided to turn my initial into a city building and surrounded it with a busy city corner and added my favorite superhero who I took inspiration from.

Laylah Zea, Killingly High School, Grade 11        


This work was created as part of an assignment that explored light and mood.

Kathryn Strangman, Killingly High School, Grade 11 


This triptych was created as my response to the current pandemic. I feel like I am reliving the same day over and over again. I want to shed the emotional layers of this quarantine and bask in the sun.

Brett Paquette, Lyman Memorial High School, Grade 12    


This piece is a character that I created, it is supposed to resemble a moment getting ready for a battle or engagement with another warrior. The flag behind her says peace in Japanese which resembles how she feels at that moment. I was inspired to make it look like an old Japanese ink drawing.

Grace Gardella, Lyman Memorial High School, Grade 12  

Mixed Media (India ink, watercolor, graphite pencil, marker on watercolor paper)   

This piece was inspired by the heartbreaking circumstances of abused children and teens nationwide during the pandemic. They have been quarantined and isolated with those who continue to hurt them, and this piece is meant to bring their hidden stories to the light.

Jessica Casey, Lyman Memorial High School, Grade 12

Graphite Pencil on Paper        

This drawing is inspired by a bakery I visited in Paris with my family every morning on a vacation. Standing outside, the boulangerie's aroma of what was inside invited me in, and created a feeling I will never forget.

April Beckwith, Lyman Memorial High School, Grade 12

Chalk Pastels on Pastel Paper

My concentration idea is winged animals and I decided to go with a peacock since I think that they are one of the prettiest birds in the world. I wanted to get up close and personal, but still be able to show the feathers behind the peacock's head.

Maggie King, Lyman Memorial High School, Grade 12


Created as a class homework assignment for the prompt "Yourself” as a fairytale character.

Kyle Miller, Lyman Memorial High School, Grade 12   

Acrylic on Canvas     

This is one piece from a series of work entitled "Athletics through my Eyes". My goal was to display a broken run-down tennis court, to express both the physical and emotional hardships of the past year.