Annual CT Artists Juried Exhibition

On View January 19 - March 13, 2019

To register for the 76th Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition, please read the instructions outlined in the artist's prospectus below, and carefully fill out all the information on the entry label.
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Entering the Exhibition

How recent does my work have to be to enter the show?
Your work must have been made in the last three years. This is to ensure we are sharing contemporary work with our viewers and representing you best as an artist.  Both you and the public deserve your most current and evolved artwork.

How does the jurying process work?
After the receiving date, the juror will come to the gallery to jury the exhibition. Usually, the juror reviews the entire submission at leisure and then reviews each work. We do not follow the juror.  No staff or volunteers of SMM have any influence on your artwork’s acceptance into the exhibition, except the Director, who may override any selection made by the Juror.  Some reasons for the latter can poor craftsmanship, framing, or recognizing work that has previously been exhibited in SMM.  The jurying process and decisions on awards usually requires about five hours of the juror’s time.  The Juror has considerable discretion in establishing the award categories, for example, whether the awards will be first, second, third place, best in each medium or technique, honorable mentions, etc.  The awards will be announced at the Opening Reception at about 2:00pm. No one will be informed about the awards until this time.

How do I know if my work is accepted?
On the Prospectus timeline, a date is listed as to when artists will be notified of acceptance/rejection into a juried exhibition. Artists will receive electronic notification to visit our website for acceptance/rejection list. This means it is very important that you write legibly when writing your e-mail address on the entry form.  If you have not received any notification after a reasonable time (3-5 days), contact the Museum Receptionist directly as your e-mail address may have been unable to read.

May I enter work that has already been in a Slater Memorial Museum Exhibition?
No. You may not submit artwork that has already shown in the Converse Gallery. This serves our public by making our exhibitions are a new experience each time; repeat artwork can render our exhibitions monotonous and unprofessional.  In addition, we strongly suggest that you submit work that has not been shown locally.

May I bring in my artwork to the museum early to enter an exhibition?
No. Do not bring your artwork to the museum early in order to enter the juried exhibition. The only acceptable way to enter the CT Artists Juried Exhibition is to bring your artwork on the day of Artist Receiving as outlined on the Prospectus. At that time, you must also submit all requested information and entry fee. 

What do you mean by “dimensions”?
We are asking for the size of your finished, framed piece to be no more than 60 inches in any dimension and 80 lbs. for two-dimensional work and for three-dimensional works to not exceed 60 inches in any dimension nor 150 lbs.

What do you mean by “media”?
Here we are asking for the materials and processes used in your piece. Examples of media are “photography, digital photography, mon-type, etching, lithograph, oil on canvas, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, clay (ceramic), bronze, fibers, assemblage, paper, mixed media”, etc. These are only examples and this is by no means a comprehensive list! Use your best judgment to tell us the primary material(s) and technique(s) used to make the piece of artwork.

Do I have to sell my artwork?
Not necessarily. If your work is unavailable for purchase, please mark it “NFS” (shorthand for “not for sale”). If your artwork is marked “Not for Sale” you still need to provide SMM with an insurance value.  If you have not provided this information, and the work is accepted, and we cannot reach you, the work will be eliminated.  Keep in mind that we do sell work from our shows, and have active art collectors visiting. We will do our best to promote you and your work, so be sure to provide us with information that is helpful to this end. For example, if a piece in the gallery is NFS, do you have a website we can refer buyers to? If your work is for sale and sells from our exhibition, the SMM receives a 20% convenience fee. Please plan accordingly when pricing your artwork.

***Be sure to write your name and the title of the piece on its reverse or bottom in addition to the SMM exhibition label. Make sure you secure the SMM exhibition label with appropriate tape of adhesive. Any piece without SMM exhibition label or without title an artist’s name on the reserve or bottom runs with risk of being eliminated.***

Do you accept online payments?

Yes, you can find the link for online payments on our website at under Exhibitions- Connecticut Juried Exhibition. Make sure that once you enter online that you still follow the rules of the prospectus and adhere to all guidelines. On the day of receiving there will be a separate line for online pre-paid submissions.

Preparing Artwork

Do I need to frame my 2D artwork for submission?

Yes. All two-dimensional artwork must be ready to hang on the gallery walls when you deliver your work at receiving. “Ready for hanging” means the artwork must be suitably framed and have all hardware installed for hanging. For example, works on paper, oils on canvas, 2-D assemblage must be in frames suitable for their size, frames must be made of durable material (aluminum, wood, metal, etc.), and appropriate for gallery space.  Shaped frames will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The hardware on the back must consist of picture (twisted) wire attached to the frame using TWO D-rings (or similar hardware). Do not use saw-tooth hangers. Hanging methods such as French Cleats are acceptable so long as both parts are supplied and the length of the cleat is appropriate for the width of the work. No artworks will be displayed on an easel.

"Gallery Wrap" works are acceptable as long as they are ready to hang with wire hangers and the edges are given appropriate attention and care, ie.: clean, free of finger prints, painted or truly "wrapped"- continuing the image around the edge to the back. The sides of your canvas will be visible and possibly fairly close to someone else's work, so must be treated as carefully as the rest of the piece.

We require this so that the exhibition as a whole looks professional and inviting. Thoughtful framing & presentation are just as important as the artwork itself. We will maintain these standards for the museum and in an effort to present your work to our visitors in its best light.

How should I make sure my artwork gets back to me if it is rejected/after the exhibition?
After day of receiving, the artwork will be judged.  Rejected artwork will be placed in the atrium on the second floor (above where you delivered) for its safety and easy access for retrieval. Once you have received notification that the accepted/rejected list is posted, instructions about rejected artwork retrieval will be included.  It is also outlined in the prospectus. Artwork must be picked up within the allotted time frame or artists risk a $5.00 per day late fee charged and/or being banned from entering the juried show all together. If the artwork is accepted, the artwork will hang in the gallery throughout the exhibition. A reminder will be sent via e-mail about artist pick-ups for exhibited artwork a few weeks before the end of the exhibition, but it is also in the prospectus and your responsibility to make a note of this date before you submit. Any artists failing to retrieve artwork during the allotted time for retrievals, risk a $5.00 per day late fee charge and/or being banned from entering the juried show in the future. If you are ill, away or otherwise unable to retrieve, it is your responsibility to delegate retrieval of your artwork, do not call the Museum for assistance

This is extremely important as we have a short window for exhibition turn around and the SMM will not be held liable for artwork left after the allotted retrieval period. SMM cannot guarantee the safety of an artist’s work while being moved, placed in storage or lost if left after retrieval period.

The Exhibition

Can I change the title or price of my work after I enter it for jurying?
No, you may not. Ocne the artwork is dropped off on the day of receiving the titles and prices given on the entry forms will be used. All titles and prices should be written, typed, or labelled correctly on the day of receiving. We require correct titles and pricing at that time because we print a catalog for each exhibition with all the piece information included.

My artwork was accepted into a different exhibition and I need have it back before the end of the Ct Juried Exhibition. Is that okay?
No. If you wish to have your work in the other exhibition, do not submit your piece to the SMM for inclusion in the exhibition. The artwork will be on display for the run of the exhibition and will not be removed during the time period for any reason.

What happens if my work sells?
The sold artwork will remain in the exhibition for the remainder of the exhibition. We will handle the transaction with the buyer as well as the artwork transfer. All sales handled through SMM will be subject to a 20% convenience fee.  You will be notified when your artwork sells and required to provide an I.R.S. form W-9. When the buyer’s payment has been received and processed, the artist's payment will be prepared by our Finance Department. A check will be prepared to the name and address you submitted via the W-9.  At the close of the exhibition, we will arrange for the buyer to retrieve the piece or ship it there.