CT Artists Juried Exhibition

For 77 years, the Slater Memorial Museum has proudly hosted the Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition. This state-wide exhibition attracts hundreds of submissions from Connecticut artists each year. Every entry contributes to the excellence of this long-running exhibition and demonstrates the vibrancy of the Connecticut artist community.

Read the list of award winners for the 77th Annual CT Artists Juried Exhibition here. 

77th Annual CT Artists Juried Exhibition Highlights

view of an exhibition space with paintings and sculpture on display
view of an exhibition space with two dimensional works on display
view of a gallery space with 2d works on display
view of a gallery space with 2d and 3d works on display
3d works on display
a girl in a white blouse and jeans blows into a seashell
Sarah Warda
The Call
Oil on canvas
an abstracted drawing of cars driving at night in the rain. Light is represented with neon colors.
Gigi Horr Liverant
Route 85, Precipitation II
a light blue porcelain vase with delicate feather like attachments
Gina Rubin
Beau Jardin
3d figural form rendered in cooper wire sits in a thinker pose
Barbara Scavotto-Earley
Despair, Pandemic 2020
Wall Sculpture, Copper Wire, Acrylic Shadowbox
abstracted nature scene rendered in bright colors
Susan Struck
River Memories I
Oil on Canvas
rectangular tall vase in blue with natural forms on the body
Joanna Case
Totem Box
Sarrag Fired Clay
idyllic nature scene in spring
Barbara Rossitto
Narcissus Hill
Oil on brushed gold aluminum panel
black silhouette figures walk around an abstracted city scape
Gabrielle Simmons
Lunch Hour
young girls dance, confused and not in sync,  in a ballet recital.
Cindy Wagner
First Recital

76th Annual CT Artists Juried Exhibition Highlights

Bird's eye view of a car turning down a city street. the Cityscape is created out of bright neon colors
Gigi Horr Liverant
Tuesday Morning
Abstract collage. A butterfly is in the center surrounded by birds and various objects
Hilary Opperman
Cutting Through the Veil
Mixed Media/Collage
New Haven
Abstracted scene of buoys in water. Blues, greens, and red dominate the painting
Sunil Howlader
Portrait of a blond woman against a green background. She looks upward toward light and holds her hands in front of her
Sarah Warda
Hope Song 
Oil on Linen
still life of a copper tea kettle on a brown table with a white teacup, saucer, and sliced lemon
A. Laurie Pribble
Cup of Tea
Oil on Canvas
Abstract scene created from printed words.
Peter Nuhn
Corn Club 1914
Acrylic and Transfer on Board
New Haven
Multiple woman and men created from marbled white  paper dance  against a black background
Barbara Scavotto-Earley
Dress Rehearsal #2
Mixed Media
an intricate snowflake cut from white lace against a black background
Patricia Little
Pierced Parchment
Mansfield Center
portrait of a woman with her brown hair up in a bun. She is seated on a green sofa in an interior space
Cara DeAngelis
Study of Holly (Out of Falling Water)
Mixed Media on Paper
Two seated women in dresses lean against each other  on a bench and look toward the viewer. Dead animals are shown nearby
Cara DeAngelis
In Tiranna
Oil on Board
goldfish in a bowl and vase with pink flowers against a red Chinese silk inspired background
Barbara Timberman
Apple Blossoms

75th Annual Connecticut Artists Juried Exhibition Highlights

Abstract scene created by vertical bands of different colors
Helen Cantrell
Salt Marsh Radiant Pink
Old Lyme 
Contemporary scene of dozens of people waiting in a security line.
Roger Beers
New London
Portrait of a young woman in profile. She is against a gold background and has a pinkish veil over her head.
Rachel Carlson
Oil on Panel
Deep River
Dorothy, the cowardly lion, and the Tin Man travel down the winding yellow brick road
Elisha Sherman
Wicked Curio Cabinet
Mixed Media
A man and woman hold hands as they walk over the Mystic Drawbridge at night. The couple is seen from behind.
Sarah Stifler Lucas
Night Crossing
Photograph of a school boy waiting at the end of a drive way, by the side of a road during late fall.
Gregory Miller
Ryan, 2013. From the Series, Morning Bus
Pigment Ink Print
Mansfield Center
street scene of cars driving in the rain. Glare of headlights is created with neon pastels
Gigi Horr Liverant
Route 85, Precipitation
Abstracted scene with butterflies, human figures, birds, and vases
Hilary Opperman
Primal Instincts
Mixed Media Encaustic
New Haven 
A village by the sea. The work is created through tiny individual dots of paper
Joyce Armentano
Paul Reinterpreted
Handcut Paper
abstract scene dominated by blues and greens
Edith Skiba LaMonica
Blue Rain
Tree trunks and rocks against a soft green background
Michael Lynch
Bebe Pond
Man in profile in front of a neon sign that says absolutely free
Peter Seltzer
Absolutely Free