Permanent Exhibitions

The Plaster Cast Collection

The 1888 collection comprises 150 important examples of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Italian Renaissance sculpture replicated from the original works.

Around the World on the Yacht Eleanor: The Slaters’ Grand Tour

Celebrate the voyage of Museum founder William Slater and his family as they traveled ‘round the world on their private yacht in 1894/95.

Connecticut Artists of the 20th Century

Revealing CT’s rich history as the home of a skilled and diverse community of artists, including the works of Ozias Dodge, Milton Bellin and Charlotte Fuller Eastman.

Vanderpoel Gallery of Asian Art

This gallery is currently closed for re-installation and will re-open on March 15, 2020. This project is made possible by a grant from CT Humanities. Learn more about the gallery here

Gallery of African Art

Representing the broad scope of Africa’s art-producing regions through objects from across the continent, this exhibit features carvings, basketry, ceremonial masks, weaponry and leather work.

Crocker’s Norwich: Art & Industry in the 19th Century

Tying together art and industry in Norwich during its most successful era. The images displayed here are as fascinating as the lives of the artists who created them.

The Norwich Galleries

Telling the story of 3 centuries of life in the Rose City through fine and decorative art, household and industrial objects, archaeological artifacts and documents, this gallery interprets every aspect of the region’s history.