Sculptural head of Julius Caesar depicting an idealized portrait

Roman. Cast of the original in the Capitoline Museum, Rome. Original, ca. 65-40 BCE.

Historical Context:

Julius Caesar is remembered as one of history’s most notable generals who was crowned dictator of the Roman Republic. He conquered lands stretching across Europe and the Mediterranean. Although seizing ultimate power for life, he was assassinated by a group of supporters including Marcus Junius Brutus.

Caesar had a famous romance with Egyptian ruler Cleopatra and fathered her son, Caesarion. One of his most trusted generals, Marc Antony, became a lover and ally of Cleopatra after Caesar’s death. Caesar’s adopted heir, Octavian, later defeated Antony and became the emperor Caesar Augustus.

Original Statue

Artist: Unknown
Culture: GreekHellenistic
Century: 1st century BCE
Current Location: ItalyRome
Museum: Capitoline Museum

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