Bronze cast portrait

Late Classical. Cast of the original in the National Museum, Athens. Possibly by Silanion, bronze, c. 3530-325 BCE. Description:

The original bronze head was found at Olympia in the sanctuary of Zeus in 1880. The beautiful bronze sculpture depicts an older man with visible facial injuries. The swollen eyelid, puffy cheeks, and cauliflower ears indicate that a boxer is represented. The remains of an olive wreath on his head further suggest that he was a victor at the Olympic Games.

Boxing was an important sport in ancient Greece and victors were permitted to erect statues of themselves in celebration of their victories. Many believe that this ancient bronze head may be from the life-sized statue of the boxer Satyros by the Athenian sculptor Silanian, which was seen by the writer Pausanias at Olympia in the second century A.D.

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