Sculpture head of the Greek Goddess Athena

Archaic. Cast of the original in the Altes Museum, Berlin. Greek, 6th century BCE.

Historical Context:

There seems to be a relative consensus in sculpture from the Classical period, about the 5th century, onward, as to what Athena looked like. Most noticeable in the face is perhaps the full, round, strong chin with a high nose and a high bridge as a natural extension of the forehead. The eyes typically are somewhat deeply set. The unsmiling lips are usually full, but the mouth is fairly narrow, usually just slightly wider than the nose. The neck is somewhat long. The net result is a serene, serious, somewhat aloof beauty.


Athena is the Greek goddess of civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, craft, justice and skill in Greek mythology, and was also the patroness and guardian of the city of Athens.

Original Statue

Artist: Unknown
Culture: ArchaicGreek
Century: 6th century BCE
Current Location: BerlinGermany
Museum: Altes Museum

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