Sculptural head of a male

Archaic. Cast of the original in the Staatliche Museum, Berlin. Greek, ca. 540-530 BCE.


The bearded and probably once helmeted head has rough, textured hair and a moustache. The original piece has a lucent, greenish surface.

Historical Context:

The Kouros statues dominate the Archaic period of Greek Art. All of the Kouros (male) and Kore (female) statues represent state-sponsored subjects, are designed as decorations of religious buildings, or are intended as immortal reminders of the virtues of the deceased. During this period, the sculptor worked almost exclusively with “point” chisels, punches, and stone abrasives to create the statues, and this technique did not allow for much flexibility in regards to the pose or surface qualities.

Original Statue

Artist: Unknown
Culture: ArchaicGreek
Century: 6th century BCE
Current Location: BerlinGermany
Museum: Staatliche Museum

  • ancient greece
  • archaic
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  • sculpture