The Muse

Block statue of a seated figure.

“Banofre, a Scribe” reads the label of a white plaster cast of a simple block sculpture. The Egyptian figure sits with his knees drawn in front of his shoulders, arms lightly crossed, and hands resting on those knees. His head, close to his hands, draws the viewer to determine if his chin rests on them. Revealing a smooth tapered shape in front, his garment entirely conceals his feet. With a long wig and a short beard, he looks straight ahead with serene attention. The figure evokes the symbolic wrapping of the dead and regeneration of the afterlife.

photograph of a woman wearing a pink sweater over a white shirt. Her head is resting on her raised right hand

As we reach the fourth month of social distancing, the museum closure and the end of the academic year, I offer my greetings to our faithful members and their families and friends. I truly hope all have been safe and well during these weeks. Because we were forced to cancel our spring programs, including the Friends of Slater Museum Annual Meeting, I would like to offer some reports and updates.